• i need this lighting

  • for someone not into violent horror movies i’m absolutely fascinated by all i’ve seen/heard about about in a violent nature.

  • sauntering

    i feel good going into this year. a slow and intentional start. i’ve had my quiet mornings to really contemplate how i want to engage with this year and i’m not putting pressure on myself to accomplish these any specific way.

    i told myself i’m going to travel — i will be in barcelona at some point within the next 6 months.

    i’m going to take more photos. candid, considered, and not too overthought. i’m going to enjoy using my cameras again and find other people to take photos with/of.

    the need to explore and try new things is high. i’m trying to see everyday as an opportunity to get out there and do other things.

    i’m going to produce an album this year and direct a short film and publish my zine. i feel comfortable in my ideas now and not afraid to just put my shit out there

  • i just might

  • steam deck oled

    i’ve been thinking of getting a steam deck mainly due to the community it has. the hackability and versatility fits into my tech boy dreams. i love the translucent limited edition version but also feel i could replicate it myself through customs mods.

    i will absolutely be playing the sims and farming games most of the time. to be able to get into cyberpunk 2077, no man’s sky, my time at sandrock, coral island, hopefully palia in this powerful handheld form excites me.

  • scorpio season

  • vibin

    so i like the interface for wordpress already more than any other app i’ve used for blogging.

    the scrollable menu to edit text makes sense

  • long time coming

    this is a new journey for me.

  • off sunset

  • 35mm camera roll


    finding this spot off PCH was one of my favorite finds last year and i’ve gotten some amazing shots here since


    my favorite hike so far is temescal canyon in pacific palisades. it’s such a perfectly timed and paced hike that it’s welcoming and has a great view at the top


    my canon supershot extreme has been having issues at the worst moments, missing some shots i wanted but it’s all good. i’ve been nurturing a newer (still older) canon and liking that experience more so far

  • IYKYK mixtape

    i love making mixtapes. this is my 156th one and i’ve already listened to it a ton. it goes with me on walks, it was what i listened to on my trip to miami, and it’s what i play when i play video games.

    it has different pockets and flows from house to hip hop to jazz to r&b and i think is the perfect length. i feel strongly about a mixtape being around 45-65 minutes and this one has a nice punch in the beginning and smooth finish at the end.

  • flow mixtape