• i missed blogging. the process of just getting thoughts out of my head and onto a site mixed with some customization is hard to come by on the web. being able to freely express onself online in a creative way is not a focus and quick timeline based info is. it seems fewer spaces are dedicated to preserving your long form thoughts. everything is falling into a feed and i don’t want that experience anymore. i don’t want to pivot to video and don’t need all my information delivered that way either.

    i like reading blogs and discovering and learning new things. i find people interesting and have been finding the social media focus of presentation and curated persona to be unrelatable. not every interest needs to be monetized and i find that even extended opinions are being placed behind a paywall. hobbies are important and i don’t want to focus on an audience or metrics of engagement.

    so i’m using this site to explore my interests and carve out a place online that i can update frequently and on my own terms. i also have some ideas i want to explore about creating more online tools for others cause this seems to be a space where others might be interested in the blogging tools i’m looking for as well.

  • i feel good going into this year. a slow and intentional start. i’ve had my quiet mornings to really contemplate how i want to engage with this year and i’m not putting pressure on myself to accomplish these any specific way.

    i told myself i’m going to travel — i will be in barcelona at some point within the next 6 months.

    i’m going to take more photos. candid, considered, and not too overthought. i’m going to enjoy using my cameras again and find other people to take photos with/of.

    the need to explore and try new things is high. i’m trying to see everyday as an opportunity to get out there and do other things.

    i’m going to produce an album this year and direct a short film and publish my zine. i feel comfortable in my ideas now and not afraid to just put my shit out there

  • so i like the interface for wordpress already more than any other app i’ve used for blogging.

    the scrollable menu to edit text makes sense

  • this is a new journey for me.

  • i first started smoking weed when i turned 27. it took a lot of attempts to get me high – 7 in fact. what did it was a sativa pill.

    or should i say 2 cause i popped the second sooner than i should’ve – of course. i could feel my eyes start to roll around so i pulled out my phone and recorded myself for the next 12 minutes.

    i was high for 17 hours.

    i woke up and had to go to work and a movie after high af. it was an intense experience but it opened me up to self regulate and figure out what i like and how much.

    part of my morning ritual is rolling a joint while my kettle boils. sometimes i read articles while i smoke but i’ve been enjoying deep breathing exercises while i meditate.

    • back in that ‘09 coffee shop writing flow
    • sitting outside waiting for my weed delivery person to show up has been my weekly appearance outside. weed, walks, and groceries
    • i’m really proud of the art i’m working on and happy i have that to escape to and keep me motivated. taking risks and not second guessing myself and just going with it has been much needed right now
    • niggas are enlightening
    • love that i’ve built up a rapport with a camera shop within walking distance
    • i may destroy you continues to be the best writing i’ve seen in awhile
    • ready when you are
    • rage as a reminder
    • being high on a trail when you see a snake
    • when you pound your hands on their ass cheeks while you’re digging your face further taking your frustrations out on their hole and then wrap your arms around their waist and pull them onto your tongue deeper
    • grateful for the ocean air after 9pm
    • grateful for shelter and remote work
    • damn, i want waffles