blogging again

i missed blogging. the process of just getting thoughts out of my head and onto a site mixed with some customization is hard to come by on the web. being able to freely express onself online in a creative way is not a focus and quick timeline based info is. it seems fewer spaces are dedicated to preserving your long form thoughts. everything is falling into a feed and i don’t want that experience anymore. i don’t want to pivot to video and don’t need all my information delivered that way either.

i like reading blogs and discovering and learning new things. i find people interesting and have been finding the social media focus of presentation and curated persona to be unrelatable. not every interest needs to be monetized and i find that even extended opinions are being placed behind a paywall. hobbies are important and i don’t want to focus on an audience or metrics of engagement.

so i’m using this site to explore my interests and carve out a place online that i can update frequently and on my own terms. i also have some ideas i want to explore about creating more online tools for others cause this seems to be a space where others might be interested in the blogging tools i’m looking for as well.