• enny is so goddamn talented. i’m always captivated when she’s on the screen because her wordplay and tone always has me leaning in. i love her writing and im gonna do a deep dive into her stuff. the cinematography of both this video and the original are so slick. it really has me inspired on how to light and capture black women on film. i also need this to be a series — this insight into their intimate jam sessions. amino also slid on this as always and again showing how versatile he is as an artist his inflections and cadence area always an exercise i love to listen to.

  • i love making mixtapes. this is my 156th one and i’ve already listened to it a ton. it goes with me on walks, it was what i listened to on my trip to miami, and it’s what i play when i play video games.

    it has different pockets and flows from house to hip hop to jazz to r&b and i think is the perfect length. i feel strongly about a mixtape being around 45-65 minutes and this one has a nice punch in the beginning and smooth finish at the end.