150 mixtapes

mxtps started as a place for me to throw old limewire and kazaa files i still had with stuff i ripped from myspace, musicmatch jukebox, yahoo music performances the media content from enhanced cds as well as the exclusive remixes you could only get from $11 imported singles that only had three tracks on it. as well as songs found on music blogs and the golden era of soundcloud and hypem, it became the digital continuation of my lifelong obsession with mixing cds and an almost compulsion with knowing what song is going to play next and if it was going to flow.it’s a love letter to CD-R and CD-RW, mini discs with 250 songs that got me through my walks to school and water polo practice, custom recorded cassettes, MP3 players, the 20 gb ipod with the click wheel that i saved up for, my Zune that i obsessed over junior year, and my lime green sony discman that got me through football away games. it’s what i loved about burned cds borrowed from friends and custom covers and handwritten tracklists passed between classes in paper envelopes stapled together in the back of a textbook.its been a way for me to track the changes in my taste in music across platforms and different mediums since 2010. it’s been the soundtrack for my workouts, roadtrips, fucks, and hangouts.thank you to anyone who’s ever listened, i appreciate it more than you know.